According to Polish agility regulations, there will be  5 height categories:

  • XS – optional for dogs measuring less than 30 cm at the withers, height of jumps 20 cm,
  • S – for dogs measuring less than 35 cm at the withers, height of jumps 30 cm,
  • M – for dogs measuring 35 cm or more and less than 43 cm at the withers, height of jumps 40 cm,
  • In – for dogs measuring 43 cm or more and less than 48 cm at the withers, height of jumps 50 cm,
  • L –  for dogs measuring 48 cm or more at the withers, height of jumps 60 cm

XS  category is optional (that is, if your dog is 29 cm you can choose to enter into XS or S category). You cannot change your category during the competition.

Open Polish Agility Championship is open to competitors from abroad, however the title of Polish Agility Champion 2023 (as well as vice-champion and 2nd vice champion) will be granted to highest ranking Polish competitors (meaning with Polish agility working book).

Similarly, the title of Team Polish Agility Champions is granted to highest ranking team consisting of Polish competitors only.

Teams consist of 4 members, 3 best results will count (same system as AWC).\

  • XS and S – together\
  • M
  • In
  • L

Friday – two warm-up runs (agility and jumping), not counting for the Championship, but with their own prize giving ceremonies
Saturday – team agility and team jumping for Championship PLUS an additional INDIVIDUAL FINAL (you can qualify from Friday and Saturday runs – individual results of team runs).
Sunday – individual agility and jumping. The Polish Agility Champion title goes to the winner of combined agility and jumping.

The competition is open to Polish Kennel Club members as well as members of other organizations belonging to or affiliated with FCI. 

The dogs taking part in the competition must be over 18 months old, have tattoo or chip and valid anti rabies vaccination. 

The handler (or their legal caretaker) is responsible for all damage done by the dog.